2M brings state of the art and one of its kind in country a complete child tracking mobile app for the schools and parents. A blend of IOT and conventional GPS empowers the school authorities &parents to monitor the child real time, within campus as well as on the move in a vehicle.

2M Child Safe can monitor & locate a child all the times where as 2M Bus Safe tracks the bus movements.

Both the apps come with very intuitive alert notifications to save user’s time. The advanced analytics and dashboards give a deep insight on movements. Any unsafe movement or behaviour of child or school staff is escalated automatically real time to ensure safety of young learners.

2M is dedicated to make lives safe for our young children.

child tracking is just not limited to schools, it goes beyond. Condominiums, market places, our crowd sourced apps track them always & everywhere.

A free demo is readily available, we are happy in helping you to secure safety the future of our nation.