Young learners are our nation’s future. Let them be true leaders in all the spheres of life.

2M Concepts offer unique and unparalleled training programme for school going learners.

Designed by eminent educationist of recent times & evolved on 10 basic life skills as discussed in National Curriculum Framework 2005 published by NCERT, India and inputs from UNICEF on child development, this programme runs in schools for the learners of the age group 10 – 16 years.

These young minds are today so stressed and unable to manage themselves. Our unique programme not only acts as a stress reliver but helps to develop their overall personality besides enhancing their learning abilities.

Be it self-awareness, emotions management, critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, interpersonal relations, stress management, empathy, problem solving aptitude or correct decision making, we cover much more than this in a learner centric classroom with our team of professional trainers.

Entire programme is imbibed in the academic year’s timetable of the school and more than 20 activity based sessions conducted for learners.

2M Concepts goes beyond training learners and hand holds the faculty and top leadership of schools, parents of the learners. All of them also get interactive learning workshops just to ensure that learner training becomes effective in true sense.
Smart Leaders programme, collaborates with many global institutions for its continuous evolution & touches subject like gender sensitivity, personal hygiene, cyber safety thus making students a true leader in all aspects

All this is further supported with student centric curriculum based Vedic maths, Mnemonics & Abacus programmes, with periodic assessments, empowering them with very effective age-old learning methodologies.

Just connect with us to make your child a real leader in his/her life. Our team will be happy to serve you, recommend this to the schools where your ward studies and be a part of this revolutionary game changing programme for the young generation.