2M brings a unique curriculum based sports education programme Sportseed to schools. In collaboration with Sprotseed, India these physical education courses are meant for K-12 grades. The aim is to impart training to the learner the learners for Olympic level sports & cultivate a Always Keep Fit attitude among them.

Sportseed is a professional services organization dedicated to promoting the Olympic Spirit (viz. Peace, Friendship, Fair play, Honour and Glory) in children and youth. We work with children and youth through educational institutions, sports clubs and resident communities to get them to play and cultivate the Olympic Spirit.

All programmes come with age identified sports with varied hurdle levels, we have considered even a 18 month old as our learner & designed the delivery of sports for all age groups.

You name a sport from Olympics list like Archery, Shooting, Taekwondo, Sepak Takraw, Wushu and our trained faculty delivers that seamlessly to the students in the school. We identify the physical skills of better performing students and provide a path to excel, be it learning how to be a sprinter at P T Usha academy or a shooter with Gagan Narang, Sportseed brings all to a school.

2M SportStar also offers expertise on running a sports club in a school by providing all the equipment and trained coaches.

2M SprtStar goes beyond and extends consultancy in establishing a completely new sports infrastructure or augmenting the existing structures on turnkey basis

Just connect with us to make your students and our nation a habitat of disciplined, physically fit individuals!!!