A well proficient teacher builds a strong society & great nation. 2M takes pride in offering capacity building programmes for the builders of the nation. A panel of eminent educationists and resource persons at 2M deliver unique & effective capacity building programmes to the teachers.

On offer are short term and long term programmes. In short term day long workshops several pedagogical innovations, class room management, early childhood care education, differential learning, subject competency, time management, gender sensitivity, stress management are a few of our most popular themes. List doesn’t end here

In long term programmes, 2M hand holds teachers continuously for a year. Besides all the themes of day workshops well explained in depth with regular follow up sessions, train the trainer, peer mentoring is taken care of and that too after 4D analysis of the needs of the institution and formation of a tailor-made development plan for teachers.

2M just doesn’t stop here, specially crafted development programmes are also delivered for mid-level management of the schools. Eminent international resource persons are part of the programme delivery team.

To top it, 2M takes extra efforts in designing and delivering highly effective Vision Tomorrow programmes for top leadership of the schools. With focus on overall development of the school heads these programmes are conducted at eminent educational institutes overseas and empowers these leaders to become highly effective in taking their respective schools to next level in sync with global trends.

Let 2M help make our Gurus Cool Gurus.