Career counselling for students can significantly impact their educational and professional trajectories. It empowers them to make well-informed choices that set them on the path to a fulfilling and successful future by helping them in:

  • Self-Evaluation
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Alignment with Interests and Strengths
  • Maximising Potential
  • Goal Setting
  • Educational Planning
  • Evolving Job Market
  • Time and Resource Management

EmPower career counselling programme is offered in association with Bodhami:

  • A Personalized AI driven Assessment, Career Guidance & Learning platform created after extensive research and statistical validations by team of experts who are PhDs, Psychologists, Neuroscience experts, and IITians with AI expertise
  • Winner of National Startup Awards 2020 by Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry (DPIIT – Startup India)
  • A state award winning startup under Govt. of Goa IT Startup policy
  • One of the ten startups selected by Government of India to represent India at SCO summit across 7 nations.
  • Among the top 15 startup selected by India to represent at Vivatech International Fest in France
  • One of the top 7 startups selected to represent innovation by Indian startups in India-Sweden Innovation Day.
  • Conducted career aptitude and career counselling programs across 350+ schools including state level career guidance program for government of Goa.
  • 75,000+ students have availed career guidance on Bodhami’s platform across 250+ cities (across 5 countries) and 24 states in India

About Platform:

  • The principle of psychometric assessment is based on the concept of 360° holistic skill assessment.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled Psychometric assessment platform identifies individuals’ skills, interest, and personality, and recommends the most suited careers.
  • The platform builds a personalized learning journey to fill in the skill gaps with the right courses & upskilling interventions.
  • Some of the best theories and tests on skill, interest, and personality assessment such as GATB – General aptitude test battery for aptitude assessment, OCEAN Model for personality assessment, Theory of Multiple Intelligences have been referenced and utilised while arriving at our career assessment framework using AI
  • Association created between Job Areas and Skills Required using AI algorithm (Actual personas instead of theoretical are used to map job areas and skills)
  • Algorithms are based on proven statistical models and continuously improvising using machine learning
  • 82% and above statistical accuracy based on proven statistical tests for algorithm validations and actual data captured by counsellors
  • 84% recommendation accuracy as per feedback of counsellors captured in the platform
  • 98% customer satisfaction score as recorded by students in the platform
  • Assessment test in 9 languages and for different groups

Our Differentiators:

  • 2 million Artificial Intelligence rules for career mapping using actual personas & powerful AI
  • Expert Neuroscience – worked with industry experts in cognitive learning
  • 10000+ persona sets captured across different professions
  • 4 different assessments and reports for classes 10 | 12 | & graduates | professionals

About Counselling:

  • Carried out by Certified Career Counsellors with several years of experience in various industry verticals.
  • Our individual career assessment and reports cover the following dimensions:
    • Holistic Skills Assessed: 14
    • Personality Dimensions Covered: 10
    • Subject Based Interest Dimensions Covered: 10
    • Career Groups Mapped: 19
    • Quotient Mapping: 3
  • Gives Career Guidance Report Analysis with Complete Skill & Persona Profiling
  • Detailed Recommendations & Personalized Plan to Fulfil the Skill Gaps
  • Recommendations on the Most Suited Careers with Matching Percentage for all Careers
  • Helps to Know Exactly How to Pursue a Given Career – Exams, Courses, Admission Process

Analytics of the psychometric assessments undertaken by students to be shared with school:

  • Key Quotients at the Class or School Level
  • Skill Spread for the Class or School
  • Benchmarking for Classes
  • Stream Recommendations Spread
  • Career Recommendations Spread



  • Stream/Course Selection
  • Careers Then and Now
  • Various Career Groups,
  • Employment Options
  • Career Planning
  • Skill Identification Activities
  • High Level Skills Needed for New Age Careers
  • Online Psychometric Test for Self-Evaluation
  • Role of Psychometric Analysis
  • QA Session

Ideal Group Size: 150 | Duration: 60-90 mins | Recommended For: Groups of Classes 8-10 and 11-12

B. INDIVIDUAL CAREER COUNSELLING (Recommended For: Students of class 8 onwards):

  • AI Driven Multiligual Psychometric Test
  • Personalized Assessment, Learning Recommendations
  • Exhaustive 70+ Pages Report
  • Stream, Institute Plotting – India and International
  • Skill, Functional Score/Matching Indicator
  • Career Fitment Plots
  • Personality Description, Skill Map and Quotients
  • Detailed Functional Assessment
  • Access to List of 5000+ Top Colleges in India and 16 countries
  • One To One Online Counselling Session for Both Student and Parent

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