A New Age Smart Class for 21st century schools iPrep Digital Class by iDream Education is an easy to use, new age Smart Classroom solution to empower 21st century schools and teachers with the best of Digital Content & Resources. It greatly simplifies Smart Class setup for schools with efficient hardware options, digital content on any OS and integrated offline reporting with auto sync to cloud based monitoring dashboard.

Content Basics:

  • High-quality animated video content in both English & Hindi mediums
  • Subjects offered: Social Studies, Arts, Commerce, and Computer along with Science, Math, English, Hindi
  • Full HD high-quality animated content as per Bloom Taxonomy & as per NCERT/NEP 2020 Guidelines.
  • In Hindi content is with transliteration: voice + text both are in Hindi language.
  • Practice questions with instant feedback in both languages for all subjects.
  • Content partners to Ministry of Education – Diksha platform

Hardware Compatibility:

iPrep Digital Class works on all major Smart Class hardware, including Android-based Smart TVs, Interactive Flat Panels, Projectors, and Interactive White Boards.

Accessible On All Platforms And Devices:

It can be installed directly on Open-Source Android that comes with IFPs and Smart TVs or on Windows, Linux OS on OPS/Mini PC or Desktop.

Rich And Comprehensive Curriculum Aligned Digital Content

It offers rich digital content for classes 1st to 12th all subjects, including animated lessons, practice with instant feedback, practicals, digital syllabus books, notes and assessments with exam preparation in English, Hindi and other languages mediums.

Bilingual Interface:

Comes integrated with a bilingual and easy to navigate Learning Platform, which can switch classes anytime and play content both offline and online for NCERT & State Boards.

Reporting And Analytics:

All usage reports are saved offline and they auto sync to a cloud based reporting dashboard, and can be integrated to any MIS or Command Control Center to ensure ongoing focus on data-driven learning outcomes.